Thursday, July 22, 2010

Babies...Check, extra One-Thousand Dollars...not so much

Recently, I did a little contest called the Green Quiz Quest. I had never participated before and I must say I am addicted now. There is info at the bottom, if you want to check it out. One thing I loved about the contest is the knowledge I picked up about all the different and amazing companies out there. It just helped me realized how deeply addicted I am to the cloth diaper industry.  I found so MANY new brands I had never heard of. Mind you, I have only been using cloth diapers for 4 months. Little did I know of how many other talented individuals are out there making their way in the cloth diaper arena.

Another area that makes me realize how much I love cloth diapers is I guess after speaking to my other girlfriends who use cloth, it seems I kept spitting out what I would do with an extra $1000? Most might think I would spend it on a vacation for my husband and I. Maybe drop it into what we call our "savings account", or maybe get some new items for the house. Not this wife,mom, sister, daughter, friend.  No, I would go and find all the cloth diapers I either have not tried or never heard of and put them to the test. I have the babies, our son is a little over a year and we have a new one coming the end of August, so trials will not be an issue. Then I would know what works, what doesn't, which styles are better or not and even offer some as giveaways on here. Unused of course. I have only tried cloth on our son but from what others say, it really depends on the baby, but also the quality of the product.

Oh cloth diapers, where have you been my whole life? I also would love to let everyone know out there that cloth diapers are NOT YOUR MOTHERS CLOTHS DIAPERS!!! I should do a poll to see what people first think when someone says "cloth diapers".

Here are just a few diaper sites, I would love to try. I am loving the diapers called "All-in-one" since they grow with your baby. You don't have to buy S, M, L just one or 50 and done! Check them out yourself. Just remember that these are just a few out there and there are a lot of web site stores that carry these brands which offer specials, even free shipping like: Diaper Junction, Diaper Shops, Kelly's Closet, The Green Nursery and Niki's Diapers. If you want to know of more brands, email me at I would be happy to send you my list! Some you can even find on YouTube which shows off each of their features. Go to YouTube and enter in the diaper name, and see what shows up


Katydid One-Size MELON

New Generation Cloth Diaper

Rumparooz All in One- GUMBALL

If you are interested in the Green Quiz Quest, it ends July 31st. Go to the web site to find out more, click here and you can follow them on Facebook, click here. There is also a ton of info out there now adays to help you determine what kind of cloth diaper to use, the cost, how to travel with them. Email me if you want more links but here are few to help. Also, you can find on all these websites links to their Facebook and twitter pages. Sign up with them. Most have sales all the time, or fun contests. Plus you get to keep to date on any changes or new products that are coming out.

Enjoy and let me know how your stash is growing. I would love to know what diapers you have and how they are working or not. Look for more posts with more info as my itty bitty stash grows into a MOTHERLOAD.

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