Thursday, December 02, 2010

A few of my favorite things

It is that time of year again, have you noticed? Time to make your wish lists, and get the kids Santa List's to the North Pole so the elves could get fast to work. In honor of holiday lists everywhere, here are a few of my favorite things and the sites to get them at. There are so many great sites out there. This Internet thing really has taken off.

TINY SPROUTS: This website hosts some adorable pieces and the hand embroidery is perfect. Check out the Holiday Ornament which has your own custom hand print of your child. I want one please... 

FAT BRAIN: Been to this site before? Easy to maneuver through and easy to find great toys for all the kids on your list. They have over 66K in product reviews. FB stocks almost every product they sell and you can see how many are in stock (HUGE!!!)

UNCOMMON GOODS: This site is GOOD. Find some unique gifts. Don't fret, just because they are unique your recipient will LOVE it. Got choices? Yes you do: home & garden, kids, office, leisure, jewelry and also a gift finder. Go off the beaten path of gift giving this year. Here are just a few of their ideas.

SANDBOX THREADS: You can never have enough shirts, onesies. I mean things get stained, torn, or are just your kids favorite. Find a new favorite here at 
Just a few clicks away to find a cute, funny, perfect gift for your little one or maybe a relative who is just hard to buy for. Look below, then go search for yourself. Enjoy the sandbox, no dirt required.

All for now. More to come. If you have a favorite let me know. It might already be a fav or could become one.

Happy Holidays

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

The low down on high chairs

So...2 months into having two kids under the age of 2 and I am finally able to get a post up. This is huge.

My 16 month old has been using a high chair for some time, but we have recently moved and finally were able to have a dining table. At our other home, our dining area became his play area. Now that our home actually fits a table and we finally found one, we have been using more and more of the high chair. This whole high chair thing is not for me. Why? Well, if you have children or know kids, you know that when they eat they like to put food EVERYWHERE! My little guy would have food on the back of the chair, side of the padding. He was done and get food on the top of the padding, above his head. If these chairs came with an extra pad then maybe I would consider them again, but mine didn't. I seem to have to wash mine almost 3 times a week, maybe more. Maybe if I could do it again I would try something like the chairs at Baby Earth. The chair below, Stokke Tripp Trapp - Classic Collection is pricey $249 and had great reviews. However, seems a little hard on the rear end and not that comfortable.

After a little searching online I found a great Booster chair which I love. It is called the Fisher Price Deluxe Booster chair. I found mine on for $26.99. What I love is that the base is adjustable! It will grow with your child or change depending the table you eat at. Portable even. It comes with a strap that hides away and which you can use when you go out or to a friends home. Brilliant. The price is perfect too! There are two trays as well. My son found out how to take off the detachable one so we only use the one that clips. The tray that clips also adjusts! I believe I have found the chair to use for both my kids. I can wipe it off, even spray it down. Perfectly perfect. If you have friends that are expecting, fill them in on this secret of the high chair world. Save space, save money, and save time. Three things any parent can appreciate.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My kind of Rainbow...part of my diaper stash

No words really... Just wanted to take a photo of part of my stash. Love hanging them out to dry. Have Fuzzi Bunz, GroBaby and Rumparooz. Rumparooz are by far my favorite for around the house. GroBaby are my favorite for out and about (with the disposable insert, do not care very much for the cloth insert)

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Can I live without these items?

Have you come across items that you wish you could buy in bulk, or tell everyone you know about? Well, preparing for baby #2 I have found some items I don't know how I got through baby #1 without and some items which I am excited to use again. Here are some of my favorites.

The glorious side of swaddling blankets

Aden + Anais products have got to be the best for parents. So far I have only purchased the Muslim Cotton Swaddling blankets but they have a full line of products which would be ideal for any parent with newborns on up.  What makes these swaddle blankets 5 stars above the rest? They are enormous. You can do so much more than just swaddle. They are great for nursing covers, to put on the floor for baby to have some tummy time, cover your stroller when out and about. The quality is well worth the price of each item. However, if you are looking to pinch some pennies you can purchase these items on for cheaper, click here to go to their selection or the link to the left. Also, become a member of Baby Steals because they have Aden +Anais steals at huge discounts.

Addiction to a thing called Cloth Diapers

As most know or you should know I am now addicted to the very thought of cloth diapers. I love the different brands, styles, types and how there are SO many companies and individuals out there which make them. After cloth diapering for 5 months, there is one brands which I have come to LOVE LOVE LOVE.

 Rumparooz or KangaCare. These cloth diapers are amazing. They are a one size reusable cloth diaper. They have a unique design of two gussets which hold the biggest messes. They wash up nicely and extremely soft. They have 12 great colors and 6 prints. Coming in September they will be adding two more adorable prints to their lineup.

Another great product they have is the Lil Joey, which is a cloth diaper made for newborns or preemies. How many parents out there have had preemies and wanted to cloth diaper but couldn't find a cloth diaper to fit their new little bundle? These diapers are just like their parents and even more adorable because of how small they are. They also have a great feature which is a fold down snap for the very sensitive umbilical cord. They come in packs of two as well, so stock up.

Got any teething babies out there? 

Something else which has made our lives so much easier is teething drops. We have found Gentle Naturals Homeopathic Teething Drops. What I like about them, is they are drops. Easier, at least for us to give our son because it has a dropper. It has a natural calming ingredient, Chamomile which helps sooth baby. You can find Gentle Naturals anywhere but we seem to like to purchase it along with all of our other baby items from

Now add Sophie the Giraffe to our teething solutions and we have a great solution to any teething baby. She is made from 100% natural rubber derived from the sap of the Hevea Tree. This giraffe makes a cute sound which is great for older babies. Has a cute and enticing color design and the legs, ears and body can get to those sore gums. You can also get this toy online at Amazon does carry it as well and you can save a little bit. Link is to the left. 

Start learning early, we did.

Meemaw, as we call her, got our son the Learning Tower when he was just old enough to stand. This great invention is going to be with us a long time. What is great about it is your child can be at counter level and watch whatever you are doing, cooking, cleaning, socializing. It adjusts to fit a toddler to a young child. You can also add an art isle to it and it comes with a small blanket for even more imagining can be done. It is simply a great piece to add to your registry and is well worth the investment. You can purchase this tower and all the other great products at Little Partners

I know there are more pieces that we have come to love but the family is calling and so is my stomach. If you need recommendations or have products you have come to love, do contact me and let me know. You can always find me on Facebook, here and on Twitter, here. My inbox is always open as well at

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Friday, August 06, 2010

Go back to school in the color "Green"

Now my little one is not old enough to go back to school, but I felt it was necessary to put up some ideas for all you parents or even just adults out there. There are so many options out there to make your back to school more green and your lunches "reusable". Take a look and hope you find something to add to your back to school or work routine.

 These bags are great and one of my favorites. No longer do you need to use plastic zip lock bags which mean no more waste put into our landfills. They have a bunch of different designs and the price is very reasonable. Ideal for your little one but also for you adults. Use them for snacks, picnics, school lunches, plane/car rides, hiking and whatever else you come up with. They are LEAD FREE, Zipper closure, 100% cotton with PVC-Free waterproof lining. You can reuse by just washing them (machine washable)!

This website has everything you need to makeover your lunches. Check out the different products by clicking here. Here are some of my favorites.

Built® Gourmet Getaway - Large Insulated Lunch / Tote Bag. I have used this bag for over two years. You can really pack a good lunch. The bag is great because it expands and expands plus it is machine washable. Comes in colors and these stripes/dots. 

To Go Ware

Make a statement but also make a great lunch with these amazing stainless steal containers. Pair with some bamboo utensils and a great green carrier sling bag and you will want to use this every day of the week. Go to To Go or you can search on Reuse

Reuse It also has many more products like reusable produce bags, reusable sandwich mats and much more. You might find a whole new way of being "green" once visiting here. Get your family set up for the new year.  

Another place to stop before you begin your back to school lists is 

Cool Mom Picks


They just came out with their back to school list and they have an eco-friendly section which has some of my favorite things. Get some great ideas for personalized lunch sacks, lunchboxes, insulated food jars and everything else you need. Check out their list here.

Back to school is going to so much more fresh, fun and green with the addition of these great products. Food and life never tasted this good. 

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Back to work...Is cloth going to Daycare?

There are many reasons to move over to cloth diapers too. Economical, the savings are substantial and more and more parents are seeing today's cloth diapers are not like when their moms used them. 

Also, eco-friendly. Did you know disposable diapers take almost 500 years to biodegrade. Yes our kids will not around to see the affects on this but our kids kids will be. That is a lot of waste to rack up to "convenience." But what happens when parents make the decision to go "cloth" and then are faced with another decision....putting your little one in daycare. Now what?

Just the other day, I was talking to a friend of mine that has a new born and she was starting to look at cloth diapers, after hearing me talk about how I love this brand and that brand. They had already found a daycare for their little tike. After calling their new provider, they were were told the facility does not take cloth. That stinks, in the world of cloth but also just stinks. In case you are in that situation, check out this great write up about what you can do with your daycare or finding one that will use cloth, click HERE. Also here is a great tip sheet you can print/save/re-read from The Real Diaper Association .

While I have never had to deal with a daycare and cloth wipes, my other friend has. She just provides them with a zipped wet bag and that is it. I think more daycare facilities will come around to the idea since really it no extra work. Cloth diapers these days are as easy to use the disposables.

Want more info on cloth diapers? Here are a few more links that are great to just read through. 

Where to start?
How to get 1000K stash for $500

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Babies...Check, extra One-Thousand Dollars...not so much

Recently, I did a little contest called the Green Quiz Quest. I had never participated before and I must say I am addicted now. There is info at the bottom, if you want to check it out. One thing I loved about the contest is the knowledge I picked up about all the different and amazing companies out there. It just helped me realized how deeply addicted I am to the cloth diaper industry.  I found so MANY new brands I had never heard of. Mind you, I have only been using cloth diapers for 4 months. Little did I know of how many other talented individuals are out there making their way in the cloth diaper arena.

Another area that makes me realize how much I love cloth diapers is I guess after speaking to my other girlfriends who use cloth, it seems I kept spitting out what I would do with an extra $1000? Most might think I would spend it on a vacation for my husband and I. Maybe drop it into what we call our "savings account", or maybe get some new items for the house. Not this wife,mom, sister, daughter, friend.  No, I would go and find all the cloth diapers I either have not tried or never heard of and put them to the test. I have the babies, our son is a little over a year and we have a new one coming the end of August, so trials will not be an issue. Then I would know what works, what doesn't, which styles are better or not and even offer some as giveaways on here. Unused of course. I have only tried cloth on our son but from what others say, it really depends on the baby, but also the quality of the product.

Oh cloth diapers, where have you been my whole life? I also would love to let everyone know out there that cloth diapers are NOT YOUR MOTHERS CLOTHS DIAPERS!!! I should do a poll to see what people first think when someone says "cloth diapers".

Here are just a few diaper sites, I would love to try. I am loving the diapers called "All-in-one" since they grow with your baby. You don't have to buy S, M, L just one or 50 and done! Check them out yourself. Just remember that these are just a few out there and there are a lot of web site stores that carry these brands which offer specials, even free shipping like: Diaper Junction, Diaper Shops, Kelly's Closet, The Green Nursery and Niki's Diapers. If you want to know of more brands, email me at I would be happy to send you my list! Some you can even find on YouTube which shows off each of their features. Go to YouTube and enter in the diaper name, and see what shows up


Katydid One-Size MELON

New Generation Cloth Diaper

Rumparooz All in One- GUMBALL

If you are interested in the Green Quiz Quest, it ends July 31st. Go to the web site to find out more, click here and you can follow them on Facebook, click here. There is also a ton of info out there now adays to help you determine what kind of cloth diaper to use, the cost, how to travel with them. Email me if you want more links but here are few to help. Also, you can find on all these websites links to their Facebook and twitter pages. Sign up with them. Most have sales all the time, or fun contests. Plus you get to keep to date on any changes or new products that are coming out.

Enjoy and let me know how your stash is growing. I would love to know what diapers you have and how they are working or not. Look for more posts with more info as my itty bitty stash grows into a MOTHERLOAD.

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Cloth Diapers are on Trial & A FuzziBunz Giveaway (end 7/21)

Through all my blog/tweet/facebook connections, I came across another great web site. I have not ordered anything from them yet but the inventory is amazing. Do you want to try a cloth diaper because you are new? Do you want to try a new brand? Go to Nicki's Diapers. This web site has a huge inventory for cloth diapers, cloth diaper accessories, nursing, baby wearing and more. Nicki's Diapers also offers a 15-day TRIAL period for any of the cloth diapers, training pants and diaper covers. What a great way to see what diaper works for your little one but also try the enormous selection of cloth diapers.

Better Bottom One Size in Mint Choco Chip
 I personally can not wait to try Nicki's Diapers very own invention, Better Bottom One Size. Looks the perfect solution to my current issue! They have some pretty cute colors too. Head on over and get signed up for the blog. They do some great giveaways!

The current giveaway which ends July 21st is for FuzziBunz Perfect One Size Diaper. I have personally used this diaper and love them because they wick away moisture so great. This style of FuzziBunz will grow with your baby from birth to potty training. It has a "stuff and go" design as well. Great brand and a great giveaway! Head on over here and get signed up. Don't forget to tell all your friends who cloth diaper and those who have always wanted to try.

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Stick Me! Plus a Giveaway (ends July 22 2010)

Came across this great web site via Funky Monkey web page! Pretty cool items they feature. They featured a product called Picky Sticky. Simple concept...You stick a sticker on a piece of clothing and take a photo. Easily capturing a milestone. No more wondering "how old was he in this photo?" Great baby shower gift. Buy a set of stickers then a set of onesies, for up to a year....poof, your are the hit of the baby shower.

They also have pregnancy stickers to stick on your cute growing belly if so choose.

Simple concept, perfectly priced and they are doing A GIVEAWAY! Click on over here to enter. Send me photos of which stickers you either WIN or purchase. Can't wait to try it out on our new little bundle.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Prepared for Baby...then Baby Happened

So I just read an article about The 10 Things You Don't Need to Buy for your New Baby, find the article here. This article got me thinking, about what would I have done differently or we are doing differently, since baby #2 is coming in about 6 weeks?  Where there things that we thought were must have's? Yes of course. Out of the most expensive things you can buy we actually did pretty well.

Changing Table/Pad

We didn't buy a "changing table", we just converted an already used dresser into one, by putting the changing pad on it. Worked out great but since we were so tall, we soon just changed our son on our ottoman with one of the best inventions the Patemm Pad! FYI, Patemm just turned 6! Till the end of July you can get your own pad for 20% off. Use code 6BDAY. This pad is great because it is ROUND not rectangle or square and it folds up into a square. Easy to clean and it eco-friendly. We love ours.

 Meemaw bought us a crib from Ikea, above. I liked it when I viewed it on the web and I liked the price. It doesn't really fit through our house doors, so when we decided to move into our bedroom from the nursery, we found that it was a real pain to have break down and put back up again. Plus, I don't like how the bars are round. Our son is a mover and a shaker when he sleeps anyways, but I am thinking now, I should of found a crib that had flat pegs and he might of slept better. But truthfully, he has been sleeping with us since he was brought home from the hospital. The only time we use the crib is when he naps. But this would of been solved if we bought a co-sleeper pad that fits on our bed, so he would be safe from falling out. I found one at one of my favorite sites Franklin Goose.

Humanity Organics Family Sleeper
Still wondering how it work sleeping at night and movement but it seems to be a good idea. We are looking forward to breaking the crib down. With Baby #2 we have a borrowed bassinet but we will see how it works out to co-sleep with both of them.

With regards to co-sleeping, I have so many of my friends and even family that have not heard good things about co-sleeping. We made our minds up to co-sleep after doing research on attachment parenting and then making an educated choice. If you want to learn more Google attachment parenting or find parents that co-sleep, there are more out there doing it than you think, then make up your own mind after you feel you have been educated on both sides.

Stroller (Double)

We bought a stroller, Phil and Ted Sport with the doubles kit, above. Found it on a great site called Pish Posh Baby. We knew we would have more kids soon so this was a logical and small footprint of a choice. I had known other mothers that had double strollers that barely fit through doors and even through isles of stores. PRO: I wanted one that was easy to move around but could fit two kids and I could manage to afford. We will soon find out how the doubles kit fares. CONS:  Just from looking at the stroller I don't know if it will work out to have an infant and our son in the stroller but to be honest we rarely but our son in the stroller until he could hold his head up.CONS: The break is pretty had to engage and release. I am ex-college basketball player and can easily lift and carry things, most men should. So finding that the break is hard to use is not speaking lightly. One good thing though, once that darn break is engaged, it is engaged!

What I would of done different?

BOB Revolution Duallie Stroller, found at

Now I wish I would of looked at the Bob (found at REI or Bob Gear) I have had a few friends that rave about their Bob. Go test drive it at your nearest REI!
Or another option:
 Bumbleride double strollers. The features seem to be right on with what we would need and narrow enough to fit into places that some strollers don't. I think both would be nice to have now that we have two coming.
2010 Indie Twin from Bumbleride


I don't know if we are sling/carrier incompetent, but when I say we I mean me, but maybe my husband wants to be included on that. We have tried a handful of slings. I don't know if it is because we are so tall (6'0 and 6'4" respectively) but slings just didn't seem to work. We knew we wanted to have our son near us at all times and a car seat/stroller option just was not in the cards. Everywhere we went, he was carried by us in some sort of fashion. After trying out a few slings we went to the carriers. We tried the Baby Bjorn but found that we could not hold him very long before both our backs started to hurt. Plus, to me, if I had privates and gravity was in play and I had to sit ontop of a small plastic piece, I would not be very comfortable. Our son never told us differently. He seemed to like it.

The next thing we bought was the Moby Wrap.

I think we bought this a little to late since our son was already 6+ months and he was just a little mover. I think this wrap is perfect for newborn in the "4th Trimester." They are close to the parents heart and swaddled which are two things that soothes newborns.You can find them anywhere, Target, Baby R Us, but also online. A great place to shop for anything baby it or Diaper Junction.

Our current carrier is the Boba Organic G2.

I have not been able to try it since I am well into my 3rd trimester, but my husband has twice. The great thing about this carrier is it is more erogonomical for the child to sit. Plus it comes with foot rests so the babies/child legs are not hanging and pressure is created. Boba also has extra inches of height to keep the parents center of gravity closer to your body and support to give more support to the babies/childs back. Our son is still getting used to it, since he loves to explore with his new found walking talent. But we think it will be great once the other baby comes. One baby in the Moby and our son in the Boba. We got our Boba at another great place for baby Franklin Goose.

Diaper Pale/Diaper Caddy

We received one as a gift and by now (1 year later) we don't use it. One- we went to cloth diapers, well Hybrid cloth (GroVia). We can either use cloth inserts or disposable inserts (biodegradable in 100 days). If it is a poopy diaper, we either flush the waste or take the disposable insert out to our garage. If you know me you know we live in a very hot summer climate so you might say, well that will make your garage smell of dirty diapers. I would have to say, we have not experienced that as of today. Our garage still smells like a garage.  We also went to cloth wipes. We found a local woman who makes them, so our waste is pretty much rare. We love our cloth wipes. We still use eco-friendly disposable wipes when we are out and about. We used to use Natures Babycare Fragrance Free wipes. PRO: Very absorbent and thick. CON:  if you don't put them in a warmer or another carrier, we would get 2-10 wipes at a time. It was hard just to get what you need so we ended up using more than needed or stuffing the unused back into the package. We now use Seventh Generation Wipes, which you can find most anywhere but I purchase mine from (free 2 day shipping over $49). I like them because we get out what we want to use. They are eco-friendly and clean up messes very well.

Things We Don't Buy New Anymore

Having baby #2 on the way, and soon to be living on one income, we have come to realize that there some things that we just don't need to have be new anymore.
              #1 Toys- We have found that the best toys are things around the house. Our son loves pots and pans and basically anything else that we find that is safe for him. The toys we do have were either given to us or we go to a second hand store and stock up. But really, the best thing is just the interaction with him and us. Our house is not overran with toys and it will stay that way.
              #2- Clothes- It is nice to get new but then reality hits. 50% or more of our sons cloths were worn once or never worn at all. It is nice to get things from the Grandparents but I have even let them know that if they find sale pieces or second hand, send it our way.
Second hand all the way, or if I find a good deal online at my favorite deals and steals websites. Babysteals and Kidsteals has one steal a day. When the item is gone it is gone. Most pieces are over 50% off and are high quality, must have items. Zulily, Totsy and bTrendie, you have to sign up to access their sites. I have ordered a few things off of these sites and the order takes a little longer to get, but is well worth it.  Babysteals, Kidsteals, Zulily, Totsy or btrendie. Kids outgrow clothes so fast. Why spend full price on something? Find a great second hand store or even better, consignment sales.

Wel, hopefully this shed a little light into the maze of things to buy, things to not, things to wait and see, things to really research. Being a parent is an amazing experience so take each moment as they come. Everyday is learning experience, isn't it.

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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Can you REALLY afford Cloth Diapers?

What a great write up. 
Take a look and make the decision yourself. 
The Daisy Blog did a great write up to help answer this very question. Click here to read on.

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4th of July Weekend= Free and huge discounts....

Everyone, well most everyone, loves when they get something free or at a nice discount. Have fun with all these giveaways and sites that are offering great discounts over the 4th of July weekend! 

Sip some lemonade, take in some sun and save a little!! The sites I have put up are some of MY personal favorites. Feel free to pass along all these great offers to your friends, family and anyone else who might take part in some great savings.

Happy searching, shopping and saving.

With a $10 purchase, depending on your order number, you get a freebie. These are going fast. Take a look at the site, you can find anything you need. Great place to know about! Click here. is offering some great discounts on their sales right now. Haba toys, Feather Baby, Bumkins and a ton more. Find disounts which make your bank account smile!
Plus, starting Monday July 5th they are having a huge sale that starts at 9AM Pacific/12 PM Eastern.  Lots of great items to choose from *very* limited quantities- up to 75% off! AND, a special "Just for Girls" event featuring 60% off a few of our favorite brands including Little Mass, Baby Lulu, Young Colors & Greggy Girl. Click here to go to site!!! 

Tropical Traditions has some amazing products, with everything from just coconut oil, household, pet and skin care products. They are offering a great discount to use until Wednesday day July 7th. Click here to get the code and to shop.

Do YOU or a friend Love Fuzzi Bunz? Well The Cloth Diaper Whisper Blog is offering a few cute colors, in honor of this 4th of July weekend, their current giveaway for Fluff Friday (button to the right,too). So many ways to enter this fun giveaway and they do it every WEEK! Add to your stash or win a brand you always wanted to try out. Click here to go to details. 

Want even more discounts? Head to The Cloth Diaper Whisper Blog the discount code at a cute shop online called Kellys Closet. You receive 15% off any order of 99$ or more. Huge savings and you will be amazed at the selection at Kellys Closet Get the code here!

This is another great site for your cloth diaper needs and much more Diaper Junction Starting today,  Saturday, July 3, 2010 to Monday, July 5, 2010, you will receive FREE SHIPPING on orders of $25.00 or more! Be sure to use COUPON CODE: HAPPY4TH at check-out!

PLEASE NOTE: The FREE SHIPPING will not be honored for previous or pending orders; orders must be placed between July 3-5, 2010, excludes
full size detergents and diaper pails

Also, on Diaper Junction site you can get 10% on Rumparooz until August 31, 2010. I have not tried this style but they are supposively suppose to be 100% leak proof.  Click here to get code.  

 Giveaway- click here to enter the Cloth Diaper Blog, Feed Your Stash Fridays (button to the right too). This week you are going FLIP! Win 2 Organic Flip diapers, you choose the colors. Entering is easy and also fun. FEED YOUR STASH. Click here to enter.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Monkey Farts...for the bath....who knew

Out and about the other day on the web and I came across a product that would make any bath fun. I have not personally used this product, but plan on having my son test it out very son. The product is called Carvel County Crayon Soup. The soup does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate(SLS) (learn more about SLS here)  The Monkey Farts scent is a combination of bananas, bubblegum, kiwi and strawberries. You can find this and all sorts of other fun products at Everything Eco or click here

This company is out of Canada and they only provide products from retailers that produce products that do not harm the environment. They include organic items that are from the best resources and even many recycled products. Their items are unique and make perfect gifts.

Enjoy your Monkey Farts and whatever else you find!!

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