Monday, February 13, 2012

Meal Planning #14. Heart Healthy: Good Food Can Taste Good

Meal Planning #14 is dedicated to the heart. Now don't shy away from this post because you think you will not find delicious, yummy, recipes like this one (Healthy Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge.) Oh, you will. Watch out for 11 sinful to savory treat/snack recipes, including another 30+ recipes which will make your heart happy.


You must continue. This lineup is all about showing your loved one(s), secret someone, or newly found hearty thumbing loved one, how and why you feel the way you do about them. Why not show them by making their HEART happy and healthy as well? 

Find ingredients/foods which are good for the heart. Blueberries, oats, fish and greens some of the foods you will find below. Feel great by creating a special meal filled with nutrient rich, irresistible recipes. Pair it with 7 Helpful Links (at bottom, below recipes.)

Meal #1

Just Cook Already

Gluten Free Goddess

Meal #2

Lake Lure Cottage Kitchen

My Dish

Meal #3

Bev Cooks

Delightful Repast

Meal #4

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Vegalicious Recipes

Meal #5

Cooking in Sens

Simple Recipes

Worth Trying

Breakfast {4}

Because Im Addicted

A la Mode Journals

Skinny Taste

The Weigands

Lunch {5}

Little Wonders' Days

Eating Well

How To-Simplify

Kelly's Face Smells

Dinner {2}

Kelly's Face Smells

Eating Well

Snacks/Treats {11}
Chocolate Covered Kate

Post Punk Kitchen

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Cafe Johnsonia

Happy Healthy Mama

Recipe Girl

Hidden Ponies

Anja's Food 4 Thought

One Green Planet

Bake at 350

Including Cake

Drinks {5}

Savour Your Senses

Como Water

The Grecian Garden

The Gracious Pantry

Whole Living Daily

Helpful Links

1. Bird Food
2. The Urban Baker:Recipe: Raspberry Vinager
3. The V Spot: How to Store Fresh Produce
4.Smitty Baby: Spinach Pops
5.The Family Handman: DIY repair when dishwasher is not cleaning
6.The Hungry Mouse: Never Ending Vanilla Extract
7. Organic Wine Finds: 10 Best Organic Wines without Sulfites

How is your heart feeling? Alive and well? Joyful and content? Did you find something you are going to make tonight or share with a friend?

Your heart will thank you for taking great care of it. Give it what it needs everyday. For example:

  • Take time out and quiet your mind, which in turn creates a sense of well-being for your heart and body.
  • Get out there with your family or friends and get some exercise. 
  • Do something you have wanted or might never have tried. 
  • Eat well, provide your body with nutrient dense foods.
  • Smile at strangers.  

Happy Valentine's Day. Which some say is just another Hallmark Day but to me it is much more. My heart knows what I am talking about.

Share this with someone who means a lot to your heart. See you next week.

Love you!
Linda Jacobson
The Helpful Sister

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