Saturday, January 28, 2012

Meal Planning #12: Super Bowl Special: Food to feed your team.

The Super Bowl is coming up in a week. So this edition of Meal Planning (over 50 recipes), I have put together a huge assortment of Super Bowl snack/appetizers, along side the standard meal lineup. I also have quick breakfasts covered, kids snacks (chocolate pudding), a delicious wine option and lots of other delicious items. 

This week you can make the men in your life say "is there any more?," while tempting your taste buds.

I have kicked it up a notch, well for me anyways. I do not like much heat in my cooking. But this week there are some recipes which could heat things up (Cucumber Jalapeno Margarita and Jalapeno Rosemary Fritters). Know someone who loves to eat Pop Tarts, well then shoot this to them because they can now make their own, and with whole wheat flour or Gluten Free. 

What about the kids or kids at heart, in your life? They might not enjoy veggies right now, so make Fruit Tacos. Don't fret about breakfast, there are 20 + recipes to feed your brain and body. Lots more to choose from, including six Helpful Links.

Helpful Links this week are (below photos and recipes): 
1. 15 Fantastic Super Bowl Dips
2. Ideas for when you are so hungry you could eat a plate 
3. 7 recipes when you want some peanut butter
4.  Meal planning for a family on $250 a month
5. Learning all about green drinks
6. A month of stir fry recipes

PS. In some of these recipes it calls for cream cheese, milk, sour cream. A great alternative is Greek yogurt. To thin it out, you can add almond or coconut milk or use those in place of milk. If it calls for sugar you can try these alternatives from the Gluten Free Goddess Gluten Free Baking Substitutions & Gluten Free Baking Without Sugar.

Meal #1

Simple Bites

Meal #2

The Healthy Diaries

The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen

Meal #3

Sprouted Kitchen

Meal #4

Meal #5

The Kitchn


Worth Trying

Snacks/Appetizers {14}

Super Healthy Kids

The Little Epicurean

Coupon Clipping Cook

Redefined Creativity

The Curvy Carrot

Martha Stewart

From My Lemony Kitchen

Mel's Kitchen Cafe

Six in the Suburbs

Women's Health
Can use Greek Yogurt instead of Light Sour Cream

The Indolent Cook


Hungry Foodies Pharmacy

I Eat Trees

Drinks {4}

Gastro Chic

Sing for Your Supper

Healthy Blender Recipes

Cupcake Vineyards

Lunch {4}

Closet Cooking

Oh She Glows

Keep it Skinny

Breakfast {24}

101 Cookbooks

My Baking Addiction

Our Best Bites

Martha Stewart

Deliciously Organic

Misc {5}

The Family Kitchen

The Coconut Mama

100 Days of Real Food Challenge

Annies Eats

Whole Foods

Helpful Links

1. Dips for your Super Bowl party? This should give you some ideas.
Our Best Bites
15 Fantastic Dips for Super Bowl Sunday

2. When you are so hungry your finger looks good.
Helpful Pursuit

3. Peanut Butter 7 Different Ways
Chocolate Covered Katie
7 Uses for Peanut Butter

4. Finding a budget for your family. Found out what you can put on your meal plan with this example.
Keeper of the Home
What I Would Feed My Family on $250 a Month

5. Learning all about green drinks. This is for the whole family too!
The Diva Dish
All About Green Drinks 101

6. Get Stir Fry recipes for every day of the month.
The Tip Nut
Stir Fry Recipes

I got meat, raw meals, gluten free, Vegan, kid friendly, finger food, hearty soups and everything in between. Did anything sound good? Maybe caught your eye, that you might not of ever tried?

This was fun to do. I so enjoy finding recipes for me and you too. Catch you next week. I hope you enjoy the game, commercials or the company for the Super Bowl. 

Take care!

Linda Jacobson
The Helpful Sister

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Meal Planning #11: Healthy, Wholesome, Mouthwatering

I typically spend a few hours, each day hitting different sites to find recipes I would love to make, showcase or just have on hand. From all this searching, I have come to find out two things. First, you may have noticed Facebook, Twitter, websites, blogs are filled with delicious recipes for Vegan and Gluten Free meals, snacks, desserts etc. I have really changed how I search and save recipes. I want to make sure the ingredients are not created in some lab, no refined sugar (American eat over 140lb of sugar a year) and as little flour (baking, bleached/unbleached flour, nut flour is optimal) as possible.  I might even consider making a Pinterest Board, that says, Recipes to Remake

So for this week, there are 25 spotlighted recipes. 

{NEW} this week, there are almost another 100+ recipes in my Helpful Links. These are links that I thought might interest you. 

I found some great Vegan, Gluten Free recipes with ideal (in my mind) ingredients. I think they are worth trying. You will definitely get your vegetables. There are a few recipes that have zucchini and chickpeas in them. The reason for this, is as a family on a budget, I tailor my grocery list around what I am buying. If I could get a few recipes out of the same ingredient, well than my buck goes further. 

This weeks Helpful Links are (found below spotlighted recipes)

Kids/Toddler Snacks Recipes
Baby Food Recipes
Stocking your Pantry, Freezer and Fridge
Clean Eating Recipes
Winter Bowl Recipes

Meal #1
Kath Eats Real Food

Joy the Baker

Meal #2
Not Rachel Ray

The Family Kitchen

Meal #3
The Lunchbox Bunch

Meal #4

Healthful Pursuit

Meal #5

The Healthy Foodie

Worth Trying

Dinner/Lunch {5}

Martha Stewart

Spices and Spackle

The Copycat Cook

No Face Plate

High Heals and Frijoles

Snacks {6}

Vegan She Knows

Vegan She Knows

Joyful Abode

The Blueberry Girl

The Versatile Vegetarian Kitchen

The Copycat Cook

Breakfast {3}

Vegan/Gluten Free Muffin
Family Fresh Cooking

Cake Duchess

Healthy Food for Living

Drinks {4}

Scaling Back Blog

The Copycat Cook

Deliciously Organic

Marcus Samuelsson

Do you struggle with snacks for your kids/toddlers? This link will give you some great recipes, with photos of snacks that they should love (some you might have to try a few times, don't give up.)
Vegan Snacks for Kids from JL Goes Vegan

Baby food can easily be bought in the store but what if you had a site which had it all. Different links based on the age of your child. Would you make yours at home?

Baby Food from Once a Month Mom

Grocery shopping on a budget can be a little easier when you create recipes from things that are already in your house. This link will help give some ideas of what to keep around so meals can be planned a little easier.
Stocking Up from The Pioneer Woman Cooks

Did you New Years Resolution have anything to do with cleaning up what you were putting in your mouth? This link will give you 10 Clean eating meals which you could throw into your normal weekly meal routine easily.

10 Clean Eating Meals from Healthful Pursuit

Winter is a great time to dive into comfort food. This link will lead you in a direction of a different version of comfort food.

10 Bowls for Healthy Winter Eating

Did you find some that you are looking forward too? Is this helpful in your weekly meal planning? Share with me your thoughts in the comments. You can also follow along with me at the Helpful Recipes Group, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

Have the best week ever!

Linda Jacobson
The Helpful Sister

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