Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Back to work...Is cloth going to Daycare?

There are many reasons to move over to cloth diapers too. Economical, the savings are substantial and more and more parents are seeing today's cloth diapers are not like when their moms used them. 

Also, eco-friendly. Did you know disposable diapers take almost 500 years to biodegrade. Yes our kids will not around to see the affects on this but our kids kids will be. That is a lot of waste to rack up to "convenience." But what happens when parents make the decision to go "cloth" and then are faced with another decision....putting your little one in daycare. Now what?

Just the other day, I was talking to a friend of mine that has a new born and she was starting to look at cloth diapers, after hearing me talk about how I love this brand and that brand. They had already found a daycare for their little tike. After calling their new provider, they were were told the facility does not take cloth. That stinks, in the world of cloth but also just stinks. In case you are in that situation, check out this great write up about what you can do with your daycare or finding one that will use cloth, click HERE. Also here is a great tip sheet you can print/save/re-read from The Real Diaper Association .

While I have never had to deal with a daycare and cloth wipes, my other friend has. She just provides them with a zipped wet bag and that is it. I think more daycare facilities will come around to the idea since really it no extra work. Cloth diapers these days are as easy to use the disposables.

Want more info on cloth diapers? Here are a few more links that are great to just read through. 

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