Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Affiliate: Free Shipping on any order over $49 ALWAYS

If you know me or you are my delivery truck driver, you know I love love love This is why I have added them to "sister approved" affiliates. You can know click on the banner (to the left) and it will take you directly to Plus, this mom gets a cool % on anything that is purchased. Try it out and you will be hooked. 

You can get ANYTHING for baby there. I have checked and most of their prices are right on with Baby R Us, Target or cheaper. I have found  Amazon sometimes beats their price but you also have to wait longer for shipping with Amazon. I love Forward onto any Mom or Dad. Once you have placed a few orders, it automatically generates you past products so you do not have to search the next time. I get my order placed within seconds.

FYI: Sometimes I even get delivery NEXT DAY! It is so great. No driving to get stuff and they have great sales. Check back often, because I will be posting when they happen!

Cheers to easy and fast shopping!! 

The Helpful Sister

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