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Recipe Lineup #7 Bring It Home for 2011

When I think about 2011, it has gone by so fast. The deadlines, appointments, meetings, plans, and visitors, and I made to this day. Our kids are one year older, even I turned a year older this past week! So with 2011 coming to close and this blog turning it pages to another January, I have come up a lineup which will help bring this last week of December home with a bang. I have some comfort food (even a red meat recipe....gasp), some drinks to celebrate 2012, and some odds and ends which are sure to tried. Make sure you make it to the bottom. I have included two links which will give you even more recipes to par-ooze. Plus, I give a tiny shout out to my Georgia born Mom (my angel on earth.)

Grab your favorite tea, or coffee. Close your office door turn off your latest iPhone and logout of Facebook Enjoy the recipe that made it into this weeks lineup. Find a favorite or find one which gives you a challenge. Accept, conquer and drool!

Meal #1
Wonderful Joy Ahead

I am excited to try these recipes. There are a few salads in the mix this week. Feel free to make the dressing in the recipe or use your favorites.

Meal #2
The Pioneer Woman
Girl's Gone Child

I so love Pioneer Woman and I am going to love to make this pasta dish. Paired perfectly with a light and wonderfully deep salad.

Meal #3
Desktop Cookbook
How Does She?

I have not tried to make yeast bread in so long and this darn photo is going to make me try again. Don't those just look delicious. Yellow split pea is the new Green Split Pea soup. Going to try that one out. 

Meal #4

Annies Eats
Gluten Free Goddess

Do let me know if Quinoa is making it to your table to often, but for our family, I am just getting started. This should be a great fall recipe.

Meal #5

Handle the Heat
Lucky New Year - read about this below

Oh yes, beef has made into the lineup. Still don't know if I will make this recipe but I had to post. What a great concept....finding your favorite take out and then making it yourself. Hum.

Worth Trying

Eat Drink Pretty
I think these are delicious all year round. 

Cake  & Allie

The Curvy Carrot

Sweet Treats
17 & Baking 

The Galley Gourmet


Martha Stewart


Annies Eats


Framed Cook

Odds/ Ends

Jane Laurene

Blue Jean Gormet
This one is for my Mom!

More Options = More Recipe & Great reads

Epicurious has a great post about what food to eat to have a lucky New Year. No, I did not double check to make sure all the recipes in this post will bring you good luck, but it is a great read with lots more recipes.

Gluten Free Goddess, put together a HUGE list of Gluten Free Recipes. I could use just this one post for about 3 months worth of recipes. All delicious, gluten free and perfect for anyone who is trying to get rid of the gluten.

Enjoy my hungry friends. I will be spending this week, enjoying the moments I have with my beautiful boys, my marvelous husband and loving dogs. I am looking forward to what this next year has to offer. What planets are aligning as we speak and what changes are about to knock on our door.

What are you most looking forward to for 2012?
What was your top 10 favorite moment of 2011?

Cheers to 2011 and Bring on 2012!

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Happy New Year,

Linda Jacobson
Helpful Sister

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  1. Seriously...all of these recipes look amazing and I'm think I will be trying a couple of them this week! Great post.

  2. Thanks so much Deal Fanatic. Thanks for making a pit stop. Enjoy the recipes and 2012.