Sunday, May 16, 2010

Know anyone in Michigan?

I wish I knew someone in Michigan, specificially Ferndale, Michigan. There is a store called No Pins Required ( that if I lived there or knew of someone there I would recommend them to drop in.

I recently placed an online order of GroBaby, new name is GroVia ( Biosoaker pads from No Pins Required. First off the web store front is adorable and easy to locate what you need. Secondly, they offered great customer service. How many of you are finding customer service to be less and less these days? The web site made it easy to order, I got a cute little note saying the product was shipped and the delivery was right on time. Plus, inside the box, which had old newspapers for filler!!! I got a personalized, hand written note saying thank you, here is a sample to try and please shop with us again!

This is hard to find these days. Will I shop with them again? Of course. Do I recommend you check out their website? Of course! Should you tell anyone who lives near or around Ferndale Michigan to stop in and see what they are all about? .....of course.

No Pins Required is Helpful Sister approved!

Happy shopping!

Helpful Sister,


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  1. I do live near Ferndale and I LOVE No Pins Required! The store itself is just as cute and Emily is very helpful. I would also whole heartedly recommend No Pins Required!