Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Start of Something....

Thoughts become things, don't they? My thoughts have now created this blog called The Helpful Sister. After about 3 years of wondering what to do with my "spare" time, I have decided to start to do something for other moms, kids, babies, aunts, grandparents, friends!!! This blog is for you. 

Come here every week, yes every week. There will be reviews of products that I have used, my friends have used, sales that are happening NOW, or coming, sites to check out, products to check out and much more.

Why so many links like to Amazon, Franklin Goose? These sites I approve of. You click here and it takes you to the site, no having to type or save the link. Go ahead use the technology and try new and different things. Expansion is good, idling is not. Click, click, click!!!

Action! Save this as a bookmark, send on to friends, family, co-workers. This blog will be something I am sure you will get something out of. Send me requests of products to look into, or to find. I love looking up unique things that maybe you would not find at Baby-r-Us, Target, etc. 

This is my passion and it is to help you find, search and locate cool things that will help you, your baby, your friend who is expecting, your niece, your granddaughter. Whomever. 

Help is on the way and it will be glorious!!

The Helpful Sister,


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