Sunday, January 30, 2011

The be all to end all

This Helpful Sister has been slacking on blog posts. I do have two wonderful excuses however. Today I am breaking through to the other side. I am going to let you in on a product that is a must have when nursing! Many have seen The Boppy nursing pillow. It seems many have tried to duplicate it as well. When I was first registering for things I thought I would need when #1 came, I did some research and found a nursing pillow that was different than all others. I found the Hazel Wood Children Nursing pillow.

This pillow is made here, in the US. It is beautifully made and easy to take care of. This amazing pillow has a very unique shape, not anything The Boppy. The pillow is filled with  organic buckwheat hull. Why is this important? Well, it molds how you want it too, which is so great when you are learning to breastfeed. You can allow the baby to figure out what works but and have a pillow that works with you. It is sooo supportive and soft.

The washable cover is 100% organic velour. What have I used it for other than breastfeeding? Well, my now 4 month old uses it to sit up, while before he was able to lay on it, practicing strengthening his neck and tummy. I have used it many nights as a pillow. What I love is I was having a hard time getting comfortable nursing in our rocker. I got out my Hazel Wood nursing pillow and it contoured to me and my little man.

I highly recommend adding this to your registry or splurging and getting it for yourself. Take a  look at how it is made, the desire behind the making of it and how you are able to become a nursing pillow magician, using it for everything under the sun, years after nursing ends. Learn more about this amazing pillow and the family behind it here.

Enjoy your journey!

The Helpful Sister

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