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Art of Giving. 10 Questions

Giving to someone is one of the best feelings. You get a smile, a hug, you feel good, you most likely make that person's day. Everyone wins. Jocelyn Reading, with Phoenix Trading, has a great work at home job. She is an independent trader for Phoenix Trading, one of the top UK direct selling companies which provides all you need in the art of giving. Not only do you get products but there are many reasons to love this company. Top three in my book are:
  • Donates to charities every year.
  • Uses over 80 talented artist for their products.
  • Founded by three mothers in 1995 and has crossed over into Australia, France, New Zealand and the U.S.
Sit back, have a cup of coffee, or your favorite snack, 10 questions starts now.

1. What did you do before you had kids?
 - I worked as an area sales manager for a big UK Building Society. I loved it, but with my daughter, the long hours, commutes and commitment didn't hold much appeal any more.
2. Describe your typical day.
 - There's not really a typical day, which is one of the things I love about being an Independent Phoenix Trader. This week, for example, I've done a door to door brochure drop, I have a toddler group to go to on Friday with my cards, where I'll take my daughter for a play, too. 
I'm making up a few baskets of cards, wrap and stationery to drop into workplaces for their staff to buy from, I'm planning a charity open house for next month, I've updated my website, Facebook page etc., and I'm expecting a stock delivery at the end of the week ready to bag up and drop to customers next week. 
They're all different jobs, and can be done at times that suit me (often nap times & evenings in front of the TV!) I look after my daughter around this, so we'll also be at other toddler groups and visiting friends. The lovely thing is that the two merge really well. Some of my best customers are now friends, so another thing to thanks Phoenix for!
3. If you could listen to one song over and over, what would it be and why?
  - Tricky one! I like loads of different types of music - old, current, cheesy and a little classier!, and veered towards Oasis' Whatever or perhaps The Beatles' Blackbird, but if it had to be just one, it'd be Elton John's 'Your Song'. I love the song and since my daughter was born, I've sung it to her to get her to sleep each night, so it always makes me think of her.
4. What lead you to begin with PT?
 - I was looking for something that I could do from home, working flexibly around my daughter. Ideally, I wanted low set up costs, a company with a good reputation, the ability to get going straightaway, no targets so that I could go at my own pace, but with the potential to build a long term, challenging business. It also helps to be genuinely enthusiastic about the product you're selling, and that part's easy with Phoenix, so I signed up!
5. In three words describe your experience with Phoenix Trading.
 - Flexible, Rewarding, Enjoyable  
6. Tell us a little about Phoenix Trading.
 - Taken from the website - 'As a direct selling, independent card publishing house, Phoenix Trading has sold in excess of 100 million cards. It donates a substantial amount of its profits to charity and has given over £1million to charities to date. Phoenix Trading does not sell its products through conventional retail outlets; instead it markets an exclusive range of cards and stationery through its international team of over 11,000 worldwide Independent Phoenix Traders. Its direct approach offers exceptional value for money without compromising on the quality of the product and design'
7. What is your personal favorite product from PT?
 - It changes a lot! At the moment, it'd be LS20, Butterfly Cupcakes.
It's a gorgeous card, glittery with all the wings popping out, and has been used by my customers for engagements, get wells, anniversaries, as well as birthdays, so really versatile. It's also been one of Phoenix's most popular cards ever.
8. What's the best thing about your job?
 - It's lovely to introduce Phoenix products to someone for the first time. They adore the designs, appreciate the quality and can't believe the price. It's nice to know it's genuine, too, when they start sending in their repeat orders!
9. If someone lives in the US, how do they find out a little more about joining your team?
 - The best thing to do is drop me an email at or contact me via my website here with any and all questions! I'll email all the information over to you and you can decide what to do from there.
10. How do customers purchase if they live in the U.S?
 - Phoenix Trading's website is here where you can find a local trader - happy shopping! 

I enjoyed meeting Jocelyn. It is always nice to have gifts, cards, gift wrap in your storage box so you don't have to run out at the last minute. Here are my top 3 products from Phoenix Trading (picking 3 was the hardest part of this feature)

1. Accessories: Organizer boxes, family organizer
2. Greeting cards, of course
3. Gift Wrap-unique and perfect for any occasion

There is just nothing like the gift of giving. Go ahead see what you can find!
~The Helpful Sister

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