Monday, November 28, 2011

A Christmas Tree is Speaking

Every year, families around the world, put up a Christmas tree. Each tree is different. Each family has their own tradition, their own way of decorating. Take a look at this tree and the two precious girls sitting in front of it. This tree was put up to celebrate them and when it comes down, it could quite possibly change their lives. 

Why do you think this tree is so important to these two little girls? 

Well, the youngest, Harper, has a rare genetic disorder, CDKL5. This disorder effects less than 300 worldwide. Children suffer from intense seizures, sensory issues, gastrointestinal difficulties, visual impairment, scoliosis, along with severely delayed developmental growth.

This tree is hugely important to them. When it comes down, December, 31, 2011, the project Harper is waiting to get started, needs to be fully funded. This project is funded through the Children Hospital of Boston and you can read more about it here

The project must have $40,000 before December 31st, 2011. 

But how can this be done? 

Not everyone can give to the project but some can give $5, some $100 and it all adds up. Some can not give money, but you can give your time. Share her story. Maybe a local business would like to give to her cause. Just maybe her story will reach someone, in this world, who can help.

Here is how a little goes a long way. 

31+ days to raise $40,000= $1290 a day
1290 a day= 1000 people a day giving $1.29
                   or   100 people a day giving $12.90
                   or   10 people a day giving $129.00

Why would you want to share Harper's story? Why would give your hard earned money to a cause that does not affect you? What makes this cause one to follow and help out?

It is truly simple. If your heart wants to act, then follow your heart. If not, then at least share her story and her cause on your page and let others make the same decision. 

Watch this video to see how sweet this little girl truly is. 

Life is worth living and worth living with an open heart/mind and a grateful soul. This child was put here to make a difference. She is here to help others just like her not suffer from seizures anymore. Yes, you might not be a part of the research,or know someone who suffers from seizures or even have $5 to spare. Do one thing while reading this, listen to your heart and go from there. 

The tree bring life to whoever looks at it, it is marvelous, beautiful and amazing. This too is Harper. She and the project just need a little help (whether it be your voice or by giving any amount) before December 31st, 2010. 

You can stay connected with Harper:


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