Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Creating Holiday Memories. Craft Ideas Galore.

I am getting my craftiness back, which is a great thing. For many years I have been doing the standard "holiday shopping." I have been doing a lot of thinking about what this holiday season is all about. Came to a conclusion, I or our family, needed to get back to the what the basics. It might have to do with being a one income family and also digging deep and finding myself again. To me this holiday season is about being genuine. Giving a gift because I want or desire too. Giving a gift which then creates long lasting memories.

What is important? Memories or money?

This year, I am going to start a tradition of heart warming, long lasting, treasured,  gift giving. This means it is time to find the crafty part of my brain again. Find the bin of paints, ribbon, stamps and card stalk, then scan my collection of cool website, blogs and DIY sites and get going.

Who is with me?

Make your own holiday treats. Click on photo

I found some great starting places which I am sure will get you motivated. Look through, find a favorite, tell me about it, post your finished product on my Helpful Sister page. We are going to make this holiday filled with gratitude and life long lasting memories, all tied up in a hand-printed ornament or a popsicle Christmas Tree. 

First off, crafts for those little people to create from Happy Hooligans . Give them the tools then allow them to do whatever they want with it. 

What about this site, Everything Etsy which lays out 101 ornament ideas? Nothing like finding everything in one place. This is one example. An old puzzle piece used as a gift tag or ornament. So cute. 

or get more ideas here at Red Thread DIY. I think you might have enough to get started after looking at these. 

I love this idea. A footprint Christmas Tree from Craft Rookie Blog. Scroll a little bit to see it. There are not any instructions but I think I will figure it out. 

Martha always has to be included in any holiday crafting. Learn how to use any cookie cutters you no longer put to work and make an ornament. 

Another favorite is making hand-print Ornaments from Home Made Grits Blog. A few basic ingredients, a hand or foot pressed into your mold and poof your own little special gift. 

Those canvas prints get pretty pricey so Better Homes and Gardens made a DIY just for you. Why not make them yourself?

Was this year filled with big moment, like a new job, new house, graduation? Make it last with these great ideas from In My Own Style

Lastly but not the least. This super adorable hand print ball ornament from A Sort a Fairy Tale Blog.

Finally, what do you do with your stuff for the next craft hour, day or weekend? Store it with these ideas from Crafty Storage.

Well, did you find anything you liked? I hope so. Come find me on Facebook or Twitter. Share with me what you did. I am so excited to get going on my own crafty gifts. 

Happy Holidays to you and your family. Enjoy all the memories you have made this year. Cherish them. 

The Helpful Sister

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