Friday, December 09, 2011

Recipe Lineup (#5) for Dec 12-19

This week I seem to have found some more hearty meals. I did put together some great mixes. So much fun finding recipes and pairing them together. You could possibly turn you heat off in you home, because these recipes will keep toasty, warm and cozy. Meat has made more of an appearance this week, feel free to take the meat out if you so desire. I most likely will be doing the same.

Meal #1 

I have been really enjoying eating Quinoa in the past few recipes. So much better for the body compared enriched flour noodles. What do you think of Quinoa?

Meal #2

Time to have pork back in the menu. Have not had it around much these days. Pair the Pork Chops with a great organic Orzo and fresh veggies.

Meal #3

I am still not sure if I am going to use the Beef. I might go with turkey or add other veggies to the mix. I think a great roll will make this a perfect match.

Meal #4

The salad could almost be a stand alone dish, but thought I would go well with a heavier main dish. Do you use whole wheat noodles, organic or the standard noodles? What is your favorite style of noodle?

Meal #5

Enjoy! I am so excited to try the stuffed zucchini. The Roasted potatoes could be used for a breakfast even.


Fakes Soupa (Greek for Lentil soup)


Mudslide Smoothie (Raw/Living)

SNACKS (Holiday)


Hot, warm, full-fulling, whatever you might describe these recipes, they are sure to make your home even hotter. Enjoy and let me know what you think on the private Helpful Recipe Group on Facebook.

Happy Holidays and many many best days ever!

Linda Jacobson

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