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Recipe Lineup: Dec 3-9 2011

Happy December everyone! Time is flying by. Since winter is officially here, more so in other parts of the country. This means the holiday season is knocking on our door. During this month you will see some recipes which tie into winter and the oh so much fun, holiday season.

I am going to be adding some recipes I have found which use some traditional ingredients (white/brown sugar, yeast, eggnog etc.)  Yes, some might have sugar added. I may not make them myself, but thought you might want to dabble. I will also be including more living, vegan holiday treats to try out. You typically find the recipes in the "Worth Trying" section, near the bottom. No stone will go unturned to find a wide range of recipes for each week. Maybe you want to try these recipes for a party, for a teacher, for a friend.

It is truly amazing how time flies.

Hopefully your time won't fly as much with these recipes for the week of Dec 3-9th.

Meal #1

This looks both light and yummy. Paired with some crisp, fries of the vegetable sort, I believe this will be a great dinner. The fries call to be made in a dehydrator but I believe you can do that same in an oven at around 200 degrees. Has anyone made these before?

Meal #2

 with Italian Fries

So I was really wanting a Caesar salad but then found this recipe. Do what you will with the dressing. Use your favorite store bought, or the recipe I provided. If you have one that you love, do post. My computer was acting up (not a fan of PC's) so I had to run a quick search on dressings.

Meal #3 

My favorite friend Salmon cooked in coconut oil 
paired with (living food) Morton's Wedge Salad

Nothing wrong with this mixture. Light and fresh. Smooth and rich. Oh delicious just got even better.

Meal #4

Kale Waldorf Salad ( Living Foods, Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian) 

Yes, we had pizza last week. I enjoyed how easy it was so I thought I would find something that might tempt the taste buds. This might do it. Plus, I  so love Kale so here is a great version of a classic salad. Make your tweaks or keep it the same.

Meal #5


Indulge after a week of work, driving, planning, traveling, scheduling. Treat yourself to a simple and tasty soup. Follow that with a delicious bread and your favorite cup of tea. 

Worth Trying

Apple Zucchini Crumble (use any leftover Zucchini)

Focacia Bread (Yeast needed)

Come to Breakfast with my family. This is most likely my favorite breakfast, besides the Weyler Famous Buttermilk Pancakes. Enjoy!

Toast with coconut oil and avocado

Spread coconut oil on warm toast. Spread ripe avocado on toast. Sprinkle with a dash of Celtic Sea Salt. 

Scrambled eggs:
Tablespoon of Coconut Oil
Sea Salt / Pepper

Coconut oil coats the pan. Mix eggs, cumin, salt/pepper. Cook until they are done to your liking.

So another week has passed. What did you enjoy about the recipes you tried? Did you share with friends? Make extra to take to work? Is this helpful to have some recipes to gander at during the week? Share with me how this helps you at Helpful Recipes group on Facebook. 

Connect with me also on Facebook and Twitter. I post about everything for the family. 

Namaste friends!

Linda Jacobson
The Helpful Sister

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