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Weekly Recipe Plan #10: Homemade, light & delicious

So the other day, I was feeling overwhelmed. The kitchen looked like a tornado, followed by a mudslide, followed by some sort of dish earthquake hit. It was the end of a day of watching my two wonderful young boys, naps, work and making dinner. They were having some Dad time, while taking a bath. I looked at the massive pile of food, dishes and cutting boards and gave out a big gasp. Then after taking a few big breathes, I thought "I would much rather have this disaster in front of me than take-out, fast food bags in the trash."

This weeks meals, might dirty up your kitchen. They might take time away from that weekly television show you like to watch. BUT they are light and fun. I have found a few blogs that just have a never ending reach of recipes, so keep an eye out for some of them. Do you like Greek food? Great recipe for you below. Are you juicing or want to change up your routine? I got a great recipe for you. Lots of fresh veggies, soups, snacks and some additional meal options which you can eat now or later.

Enjoy the 24 recipes and all those dirty dishes.

Meal #1

Healthy Happy Life

Lighten up a bit with this salad. I do love macadamia nuts and oh they will go so well with the mango and homemade dressing. There are days that a salad just hits the spot. For some, it takes an act of all the planets lining up to get a salad into your weekly meal plan. No fear, salads are the perfect pre-meal food (eat less of the other stuff) They are also great just by themselves. Work a few into your monthly routine and see how great you feel.  Plus, go to bed and have your body love you because it does not have to work very hard to digest this delicious salad. 

Meal #2
Side Stitches


Food For My Family 

Lentil Burgers? Never tried them nor thought about making lentils into a burger shape. Very intrigued on how they will taste. Another light meal that might perk up some of those taste buds that might of stopped working awhile back. WAKE UP!

Meal #3

Eating Well

Winter might just be getting started for some of you. Can not believe it is the middle of January and my home state barely has snow (Montana). Just because temperatures might be a little higher than normal, that does not mean you and I can not sit back and enjoy a hearty soup, filled with lots of scrumptious ingredients. 

Meal #4

A Couple Cooks


Greek food is not something you find on our recipe lineup. I think because I just don't think to look for the Greek flavors. But these two recipes caught my eye. What are your thoughts on Greek food? Are you going to try these recipes out?

Meal #5

Homemade by Holmon


A Couple Cooks

Pair a delicious homemade meal of noodles, chicken and cheese with a raw kale salad. Go, I dare you. You might have room for desert after this slightly light meal. Plus leftovers, for the next day. Love it when a plan come together. 

Worth Trying

Appetizers (2)

Sugar Cooking

A Couple Cooks

Meals + (4)

Pure Mamas

Hungry Cravings

Wishful Chef

Joy of Clean Eating

Drinks (5)

Never Home Maker

The Wishful Chef

The Wishful Chef


Savory Simple

Eating Bird Food

Treats/Snacks (5)

The Wishful Chef

The Wishful Chef
(Almond Milk Recipe above in "DRINKS")

5 & Spice

Can't Live Without

Mommie Cooks

This weekly recipe lineup, might help you/your family but this is what we do every week.I enjoy finding truly homemade recipes that are delicious and can provide nourishment for my growing boys. Yes, we can eat better. Yes, we can cook less, but we do the best we can. I am proud I do not let little time, and low grocery budget hinder what I can provide my family. 

So long for this week. Look forward to hearing from you about what you liked, enjoyed, won't make again or want to see more of.

Have the best week ever. See you around Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Linda Jacobson
The Helpful Sister

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